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Parti Poodle History

Pre-Twentieth Century

Writings, drawings and paintings from the 1700's and 1800's have many examples of the parti-color Poodle. In fact, several historical books about dogs show, under the heading "The Poodle," a drawing or painting of a Poodle which is parti colored such as the ones opposite.

Multi-colored poodles have always been a large part of the poodle world. Prior to the early 1900’s they were such a common occurrence that many dog publications used a parti colored poodle as their examples of this wonderful breed.   Shortly after the turn of the 20th century, solid colors became the preferred color of many breeders and exhibitors.  The French and British standard called for solid colored dogs, so when the Poodle Club of America was established in 1932, they followed suit and excluded the multi-colored poodles from the acceptable colors allowed in the conformation ring.  From time to time, the multi-colored patterns would crop up in a litter, as the parti, sable and phantom patterns are all recessive traits that can be hidden for generations.  More information about poodle color genetics to be added shortly.

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