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How to Care For Your Dog

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What  Every Day Care Does A Poodle Need?


For a dog to simply survive, they must have food, water and most shelter.  In order for a dog to be happy and healthy, they need so much more. 

  •  Food - The type of food that you feed your Poodle has a direct connection to your pet's health.  It is so easy to grab a bulk bag of dog food...but so detrimental to your dog's health.  Offering the right food can prevent so many health issues...and extend your Poodle's life. Here at Lifestyle we feed Taste of the Wild.


  •  Exercise - Too much exercise can cause bloat in Standard Poodles and Luxation issues with the Toy or Miniature if done at too young an age. However, a proper exercise routine is vital to good health. 

  •  Companionship - For a Poodle to be healthy, this includes mental health as well.  To be content, a Poodle needs a loving family who offers attention and care. 

  •  Dental care - Too many owners overlook the importance of proper canine dental care. Infection of the teeth and/or gums can cause serious issues.

  •  Regular Vet checks - While it is important to offer a healthy environment at home, routine checkups are vital - never just bring your Poodle to the vet when they are ill - be sure to keep those regular appointments.

  • A safe home - Your Poodle is like a child and it is up to an owner to provide a warm, safe environment

  • Worm & tick prevention - It is such a shame when a dog owner doesn't believe that their dog's at risk for Heartworms or other parasites and does not use any prevention treatments.  Heartworms, fleas and ticks must be kept at bay.


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