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Letters From Our Puppy Buyers........



Hi Lorraine,

Took Rebel to our vet the day after we brought him home and the vet was very impressed. He had nothing but high praise

for the breeder.  He said he had been well taken care of and his bone structure was excellent.  He also said he had never

seen a brown and white Parti Poodle and he thought Rebel was beautiful  Took him to the pet store to buy toys and supplies

and everyone with a cell phone had to have a picture.

He bonded very quickly and Jim has him playing fetch with a ball and Frisbee--Jim does a lot for the fetching!!

Only cried a little the first night in a crate, next night was restless, but 

third night sleep like a

baby. We love him dearly.


Pat - Punta Gorda, FL


Past puppy

Dear Lorraine.

I just can't tell you how happy we are with Latte!  She really is gorgeous and displays such a great temperament.  You can just tell that she was raised really well and was very socialized.  We've only had her for a week and she already has learned to ring a bell that hangs off the door knob when he has to go out and do his business!  My vet wanted to know who the breeder was because he had several clients that he wanted to refer to you.  They were searching for a puppy for some time but couldn't find a breeder that they were comfortable with.  He couldn't get over how well behaved and well bred he was.  Anyway, thank you for breeding such a wonderful puppy.

We just adore her!


Penny, Tallahassee, FL



Hi Lorraine,


Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Justin! He is so smart and is a very fast learner. It's so obvious that you give your puppies a lot of attention as well as love and good care.  We take him everywhere with us and he gets more attention than a new baby. Our groomer said that who ever the breeder was did a great job getting him used to grooming because he's such a good boy on the grooming table..

He loves our children so much and is inseparable with them.  He can't wait for them to return from school.  He seems to know when it's time for them to get off the bus.  He's amazing!

If you ever need a reference, please don't hesitate to use us.  

Thank you for raising such a well adjusted, happy and healthy pup..


Thank you,

Jack and Christie



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